At R.ZABALA Cider House we offer our clients top-quality natural cider which has been elaborated in a very traditional and special way for more than two centuries under Ramón Zabala's ownership.

The experience of many generations,(more than 200 years) together with the effort of having our own apple plantations and choosing the best apple trees have helped us to get nowdays, our home-grown harvest. It´s features in general are the following : cider with much strength, more bouquet and taste. A full-bodied cider, quite sweet and with a reddish colour. It´s a very easy drinking cider with only 6% alc.

Our efforts, every year, are directed to achieve a natural top-quality cider, produced with apples, exclusively from Gipuzkoa. In fact,  nowadays, we do so, we produced cider with apples 100% from Gipuzkoa.

We are very pleased to express our happiness for winning, twice, the First Prize to the best cider from all over Gipuzkoa during 2004 -2006. And 2.prize during 2007 among others ( for instance during 1987). These prizes are considered to be very serious and are given from the Basque Government

Our customers enjoy the best natural cider, both ways, in “txotx” season at the cider house, directly from large barrels, or any other time, all over the year, from bottle.
Our suggestion: when drinking from  bottle, it should have a temperature not lower than 10 degrees, so that clients are able to taste better its real properties and authentic flavour 100% natural.

We thank our clients, who are everyday more and more all over the world, for relaying on us when having all kind of meals accompanied of our high quality cider. In fact, we invite, from these pages, to taste it everyone who did not do it yet.

In order to produce  cider in the best way,  the infrastructure has been renewed with high technology machinery. But, at the same time, keeping up always the purest and most traditional style.

The special attention during the rigorous elaborating process and the selection of top quality grow material are, fundamentally, the basis of our success. Some examples of the grow material used during the process are the following ones: “txalaka, mozolua, mikatza, saltxipi, urtebitxiki, urtebihandi, goikoetxea, haritza, gezamiza, antolamakatza,…”

It is in September when after picking up the apples, the manufacturing process begins and it finishes, more or less, in November. All that is followed by “Txotx” season which lasts from January to May. Then, after keeping the cider at large barrels the right time it is bottled properly in order to sell it and deliver it to the customers.

Apart from this, we invite you to visit just to know the NEW CONCPT OF CIDER - HOUSE.