The “txotx” season, in order to taste the cider at large barrels, is from beginning of January to beginning of May. The R.Zabala´s Cider house is open every day to have dinner, besides, at weekends (Friday,Saturday and Sunday), to have dinner and also lunch.


The typical and traditional menu that is offered at our Cider House consists of cod omelette, fried cod with green peppers, T-bone steak and cheese, walnuts and quince jelly for dessert. These all, accompanied, of course, with the best natural cider.
At any season of the year, we distribute and sell it to every kind of restaurant, department stores and also to individuals, in units of 3, 6 or 12 bottles.

“ A study about the nutritional value of cider was carried out, in Paris; doctors recognized the benefits of this drink getting, among others, the following conclusion: of 3000 calories that human being needs per day, the cider can supply from 250 to 300., We can drink the natural cider in considerable quantities without being harmful. In any case, a “cider treatment” can make the organism and its tissues rejuvenate and also to wear off skin infections.”

(Le Figaro, París, 7-XI- 60)